12 August 2022

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Financial group NN Investment Partners B.V., Czech Branch
Name NN Investment Partners B.V., Czech Branch
Address Bozděchova 2/344, 150 00, Praha 5
Phone +420 251 091 711
Identification number 09691171


ID Name
35279 NN (L) Asia Income X (USD)
35257 NN (L) Banking & Insurance X (EUR)
35226 NN (L) Banking & Insurance X (USD)
35205 NN (L) Climate & Environment (USD)
35252 NN (L) Climate & Environment X (CZK)
35225 NN (L) Climate & Environment X (USD)
35261 NN (L) Commodity Enhanced X (CZK)
35228 NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity X (EUR)
43193 NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (HC) P Cap CZK
43197 NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (HC) P Cap EUR
43195 NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (HC) P Cap USD
35266 NN (L) EM Enhanced Index Sust. Equity P Cap (USD)
35237 NN (L) EM Enhanced Index Sust. Equity X Cap (USD)
35260 NN (L) Emerging Markets HD (USD)
35259 NN (L) Emerging Markets HD X (CZK)
35223 NN (L) Energy X (CZK)
35229 NN (L) Energy X (USD)
35199 NN (L) Euro Equity (EUR)
35210 NN (L) Euro Fixed Income (EUR)
35280 NN (L) Euro High Dividend X (EUR)
35211 NN (L) Euromix Bond (EUR)
35200 NN (L) European Equity (EUR)
35221 NN (L) European Equity X (CZK)
35243 NN (L) European High Dividend X (EUR)
35281 NN (L) European High Yield (EUR)
35246 NN (L) European Real Estate X (CZK)
35268 NN (L) European Sustainable Equity
43191 NN (L) European Sust. Equity P Cap (CZK) (Class)
35283 NN (L) First Class Multi Asset (EUR)
35282 NN (L) First Class Multi Asset (CZK)
35265 NN (L) FC Yield Opportunities (EUR)
35264 NN (L) FC Yield Opportunities X (CZK)
35284 NN (L) Food & Beverages (EUR)
35234 NN (L) Food & Beverages X (USD)
35208 NN (L) Global Bond Opportunities (EUR)
35244 NN (L) Global Equity Impact Opp X (CZK)
35202 NN (L) Global High Dividend (EUR)
35230 NN (L) Global High Dividend X (CZK)
35212 NN (L) Global High Yield (EUR)
35245 NN (L) Global Real Estate X (EUR)
35278 NN (L) Global Sustainable Equity P Cap (EUR)
35277 NN (L) Global Sustainable Equity X (CZK)
35241 NN (L) Greater China Equity X (USD)
35238 NN (L) Health & Well-Being X (EUR)
35285 NN (L) Health Care (EUR)
35263 NN (L) Health Care (USD)
35213 NN (L) International Central European Equity (CZK)
35218 NN (L) International CEE Equity P Dis (CZK)
35214 NN (L) International Czech Bond (CZK)
35219 NN (L) International CZ Bond PD (CZK)
35276 NN (L) International CZ Bond XD (CZK)
35215 NN (L) International Czech STB (CZK)
35286 NN (L) International Rom Equity (EUR)
35267 NN (L) International Rom Equity X (RON)
35216 NN (L) International Slovak Bond (EUR)
35204 NN (L) Japan Equity (JPY)
35251 NN (L) Japan Equity X (CZK)
35270 NN (L) Patrimonial Aggressive (EUR)
35271 NN (L) Patrimonial Aggressive PD (EUR)
35255 NN (L) Patrimonial Aggressive X (CZK)
35269 NN (L) Patrimonial Aggressive X (EUR)
35274 NN (L) PB European Sustainable (EUR)
35275 NN (L) PB European Sustainable PD (EUR)
35273 NN (L) PB European Sustainable X (CZK)
35272 NN (L) Patrimonial Balanced (EUR)
35193 NN (L) Smart Connectivity (USD)
35253 NN (L) Smart Connectivity X (CZK)
35206 NN (L) US ECC Equity (USD)
35224 NN (L) US ECC Equity X (CZK)
35209 NN (L) US Factor Credit P Cap (USD)
35240 NN (L) US High Dividend X (USD)
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